Hotel recommendations

So after hitting refresh for 10 minutes you snagged yourself a ticket to EuRuKo, and now you are thinking: “How should I get there? Where should I stay? What should I wear?”, well, we can’t answer all of those questions for you, but we can recommend some great places to stay while you are in town :)


Trying to do Amsterdam on the cheap and still have a great experience? Check out one of the hostels below.

Hostels are also great because you can get 6 person rooms for you and all your friends to stay in. And really, how long are you actually going to be sleeping for?

Stayokay Vondelpark

Close to the conference venue but also very popular so get it while there are still rooms available!

Stayokay Zeeburg

Another great hostel, but a little out of the centre of Amsterdam so not as busy.

Direct connection with the conference venue via tram 14.


Want a more private sleeping arrangement? Or maybe your better half is going to come to Amsterdam with you? We have some Hotel picks for you then, or check out ebooking for a full list (with some reviews of course).

Hans Brinker Budget Hotel

Inexpensive and walking distance distance from the conference venue.

DoubleTree by Hilton

Expensive but great location next to Amsterdam’s Central Station

NH Hotels

Expensive but NH has a couple hotels crawling distance from the conference venue


Dutch architecture is great to look at, but why not stay in it as well?

Maybe you are looking for a house boat, or an apartment for you and some friends to stay in, or a nice place in the Jordaan for you and your family? Whatever the case, or whatever the price range, Airbnb has got you covered!

Happy booking! The EuRuKo team