Did someone say more tickets?

Hi Everyone,

How are you all? Excited? Wanting more information? Still want a ticket? Well, I think we can help with that!

We are sorry for the silence from the EuRuKo camp as of late, it has been a mixture of jobs, life, and EuRuKo meetings. We have heard your pleas on twitter, and it is time to break the silence and give you an update with what is going on.

A Quick Recap

We have had two batches of tickets go on sale, the first lot went in 60 seconds, the second went in 45 seconds, BUT they did not sell out straight away. The trick is that the tickets get ‘reserved’ in less than a minute, but if people lose their browser session, or don’t complete the transaction in time, then the tickets become available again. So wait for 15 minutes next time and see if any become free!

So far 300 tickets have sold, as well as 20 supporter tickets. We still have two more batches to go (yes, you read that correctly) but we are going to do things a little differently this time.

Batch #3

On Monday the 16th of April another 75 tickets will go on sale at 8pm CEST.

This is the final batch of tickets like this. We realize that this feels like an annoying lottery for many people, and it will always be an issue when you have a cheap conference with LOTS of people trying to snag a ticket. That is why we are pleased to announce ….

Batch #4 - User Group Tickets

Now I hand you over to Alex Koppel, the creator of the Koala Facebook gem, and the man behind the curtain when it comes to organizing this initiative:

The response to EuRuKo has been amazing, with both batches of tickets sold out almost instantly. Rubyists are coming to Amsterdam from 23 different countries; participants from as far afield as Australia and Uruguay will be joining big contingents from Germany, Poland, Spain, and many other European countries.

We’re excited to announce that we’ve dedicated 50 additional tickets for Ruby Users Groups across the world. Users groups are an incredibly valuable part of the Ruby community, and this is our way of making sure we get a great mix of developers from every continent, even Antarctica ;)

If you run a group you can write to me at for a chance to get a ticket. You’ll still have to pay for the tickets, but they’ll be guaranteed, no frantic refreshing required. Tell us a little about your group, your meetings, and what been talked about recently – no need to be formal, though, it’s not an RFP :)

We’ll be collecting information from now until the 27th of April at After we’ve had a chance to review your emails, we’ll contact the groups that will get tickets to make arrangements; we’ll try to include as many different groups as possible, though we can’t guarantee that everyone will get one.

See you in a few months!

Alex and the EuRuKo family