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We’re proud of having Wooga on board.

Founded in 2009 in Europe´s technology hub, Berlin, Wooga is the third largest social games developer in the world. Wooga’s 190 employees from 35 nations create high quality games for Facebook and iOS, with a specific focus on emotional character development, usability, and superb localization in seven languages. Wooga is committed to creating innovative and original game titles for players of all ages, bringing millions of users around the world together through a world of gaming. Wooga´s free-to-play Facebook games are enjoyed by around 50 million active players per month - 70% of which are women.

Wooga has released six games so far: Brain Buddies, Bubble Island, Monster World, Happy Hospital, Diamond Dash and Magic Land.

Also Wooga’s crew has had nice talks at conferences before. Check out Tim Lossen’s fight at Wroclove.rb “JRuby vs. Rubinius (Fight)”

And if you want to join the crew, just ping someone at the conference or just visit