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Basho was founded in 2008 by a group of former Akamai employees and executives, and it’s fast becoming one of the biggest names in the NoSQL scene. They’re the brains behind Riak, an open-source and highly scalable distributed database, with a rather compelling feature set. They have also recently ventured into cloud storage with RiakCS, a Riak based, S3 compatible cloud storage technology that allows companies to offer public or private cloud storage solutions.

More info about Basho on their website or follow them on Twitter.

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Your online customer support experience can very well make or break your product. Luckily, Zendesk has mastered quality, engaging support through their unique approach that has but one goal - excellence. Read more about why they’re so different here.

Read more about their success stories (involving names such as Dropbox, Groupon, Lonely Planet and Xerox) here and be sure to check out their blog too. Oh - and they have free trials! So, if great support is what you need, be sure to check them out. Follow them on Twitter here.

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Soundcloud is the leading “social sound” platform, enabling you to easily share your sounds with your friends on Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook. Split between London, San Francisco and Berlin, the Soundcloud team delivers one of the most streamlined sharing and showcasing experiences available online today.

You can also access your content or new releases from the people you follow through their Android, iPhone or iPad award-winning apps! Follow them on Twitter here.