EuRuKo 2012 Final Party by Scalarium

Picking the right location for the final party of the last EuRuKo (you know, because it is the end of the world) was a great feat in itself.

We wanted a place where you could talk (and not have to scream), a place where you could dance to great music, and a place where you could enjoy the last hours of the sun. We realized there is only one place in Amsterdam that offers all of this and more, and luckily enough they said YES to hosting us!

So we are happy to announce that this years final party is being held at the fantastic Amsterdam Roest!!

Roest Roest Roest

Amsterdam Roest is one of those places where you just want to spend your weekend. Starting out as a creative summer time experiment, it is now an Amsterdam summer institution. A typical day at Roest starts with chilling out in the sun, then maybe playing a game of frisbee with your friends, and later on sitting around the campfire when the sun goes down, and finally dancing that last bit of energy away.

And all of this is thanks to the AWESOME guys at Scalarium!

Scalarium is an automation solution to manage clusters on Amazon EC2 and other cloud providers. Scalarium powers several high traffic sites and has customers around the globe. They are based in Berlin, Germany and are looking for developers!

The party and drinks start at 9pm, and don’t forget to bring your conference badge because this is also your ‘free drinks’ badge for the night ;)

Update: The exact location of Roest is here. From Rembrandtplein it’s best to take Tram 9 in the direction of Diemen. Get out at the Alexanderplein stop and transfer to line 10 in the direction of Azartplein. Get out at the stop “1e Leeghwaterstraat”. From there it’s a short walk to the venue.

Have an AWESOME party,

The EuRuKo Team