10gen, CloudControl and Zweitag

10gen logo
10gen is home to MongoDB, a high-performance, open-source, document oriented database. They also provide consultancy, monitoring and training services for MongoDB. The company itself was founded by former DoubleClick and ShopWiki talent, in 2007, and their team has extensive experience in building large scale, quality systems. They’re backed by leading VC firms, and companies using MongoDB include Disney, Foursquare, Intuit, Forbes and many others.

More info about 10gen on their website or follow them on Twitter.
CloudControl logo
cloudControl is PaaS made in Berlin, Germany. Since 2009 they’re dedicated to supercharge development by building the best platform possible to help developers build better apps, faster. The cloudControl platform features agile deployments, rock-solid autoscaling infrastructure and pay-as-you-go pricing out of Amazon’s European datacenters. With the cloudControl Add-on market they bring developers all the third party cloud services they need easily integrate-able into their own apps and let them take projects from idea to product faster than ever before.

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Zweitag logo
Zweitag is a professional web development agency, founded 2008 by Peter Grosskopf and Julian Schneider. They are realizing projects using RubyOnRails, JRuby, Node.js and NoSQL technologies. They were the first organizers of a Railscamp Germany, in 2009. They built the already successful projects A Better Tomorrow, Zanox, and Sentres a platform for outdoor vacationers. Catch them during your attendance at the conference or their website. They’re also on Twitter.