Nedap and Finalist

Nedap logo
Nedap is unlike most companies. Their focus is widespread (ranging from agriculture to security and healthcare) but the attitude is the same across the board: to create intelligent products, and to do it efficiently.

Established in 1929, and listed on the stock exchange since 1947, Nedap has a global presence. Being a relatively small company of 650 employees, they adhere to a horizontal structure so the quality of your work speaks higher than your rank. They are also always on the lookout for new talent. If you think you have what it takes to own your ideas and bring them to fruition in a quick paced workplace, check out their job openings.

They will be sponsoring the all-important coffee available at the venue!

Learn more about them on their website, check out their news or follow them on Twitter.
Finalist logo
Finalist provides enterprise-grade content management, data visualization and integration solutions for big players across all industries.

They base their solutions on standards compliance and open source products and work with Java, Ruby and PHP. Their team is 80 strong, with presence in Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Maastricht among others.

First set up in 1998, they have over the years accumulated extensive expertise in their area. They have also a very present regard for their workforce and stressful times during project deliveries are usually compensated with leisure time! Passion for what they do and open source technologies is ever present. Finalist also counts on a number of strategic partnerships.

Finalist will be sponsoring the fresh fruit available at the venue!

Find out more about them on their website or follow them on Twitter.