EuRuKo Friday Night Rumble by ClubJudge

Clubjudge logo
When a company like ClubJudge, the world’s official hallmark for quality of nightlife venues is throwing a party, you just know it’s going to be great.

This time it’s no exception: the party will be held at the exquisite Club Home!

Since 2008, Club Home’s unique atmosphere has attracted thousands eager to soak in the laid back environment, right in the center of the city. Located a few hundred meters away from the conference venue, Club Home has 3 rooms available for mellowing out (Main room, Bedroom and the Living room).

Soundscapes will be delivered by the dynamic duo of Sander May & Tom Noah, promoters of KLIKK Music which organizes indoor and outdoor events as well as hosts of a monthly radio show.

Doors open at 21:30 and trust us: you don’t want to miss this one!

Founded in 2004 by passionate people with a very ambitious desire to take over the world, Clubjudge is the engine behind Betribes, the nightlife index of the whole of the Netherlands, Belgium and Ibiza. For years established institutions in the Dutch nightlife scene, ClubJudge and Betribes are the definitive authorities on nightlife events and venues.